Hiking package Jälmåleden

Combine your stay with us with a half day trekking on the trail ”Jalmaleden”. The distance  is approximate 15 km and it starts and ends in the village Dalstorp. The trekking is quite easy and you walk in a very nice nature along the river called Jalman.
We meet you in Dalstorp at agreed time and deliver your lunch package, soft drink and coffee/tea.

The Trekking package also includes dinner served at your cabin/house in the evening and the use of kayak or SUP.
The package can only be booked in combination with a stay with us (glasshouse or Ryggasstugan).

The price is SEK 1600:- for 2 persons.

If you want to read more about Jalmaladen – check  Jälmåleden (vastsverige.com)
(The distance from Dalstrop to Erikson Cottage is 12 km).

Glashus på Erikson Cottage