Glasshouse 24h

This package is perfect for those who want to “try out” staying in one of our glasshouses. A one-day stay will offer you a pleasant and relaxing experience, and we believe you’ll want to come back.

A one-day stay will give you a nice and relaxing experience and our belief is that you will be happy to return – perhaps for a 72-hour stay?

In the glass houses, you sleep comfortably in a large double bed with a duvet. Maybe you make a cup of coffee and sit on the steps and enjoy the silence or you prefer a long walk in the scenic surroundings – the great thing is that here the level of activity is entirely your own choice and how you choose to spend your days is entirely up to you your. If you want to enjoy the hot tub in the evening, this can be purchased, for more activities see here.

Included in the package

  • One night’s accommodation in the unique glass house, bed linen, towels and soap
  • Coffee on arrival in the farm bakery
  • Breakfast basket delivered to the glasshouse
  • Coffee, tea, salt, pepper, olive oil and drinking water in the outdoor kitchen
  • Final cleaning
  • Outdoor toilet by the glass house
  • Access to a shower at the farm bakery
  • Dinner delivered to the glass house and SUP/kayak can be booked separately. More information and booking takes place after receiving our welcome email about 1 week before arrival.
  • When booking, please state allergies/food preferences
  • Dogs are welcome

SEK 3,500 for two people (Skogen & Sjöblicken)

SEK 5,000 for two people (Sjön)

Check in 15:00 och Check out 11:00

Boka 24 timmars Glashus nedan


Which Glasshouse suits you?

Glasshouse Skogen

Here, you’ll stay nestled within the forest’s greenery. Surrounded by a mixed forest of pine and spruce, and with a secluded setting, you’ll live here “in the middle of the forest.” If you’re very quiet and attentive, there are good chances to get really close to animals and nature.

Glasshouse Sjöblicken

With its high, open location, you can enjoy the changing faces of nature on the waters of Lagmanshaga Lake. The sunset streaming directly into the glasshouse offers that extra relaxation before you go to bed.

Glasshouse Sjön

With an exclusive location just a stone’s throw from Lagmanshaga Lake, here you can enjoy your stay with immediate access to a swim. Furthermore, relish in your private, wood-fired sauna, and the relaxation is complete.


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48h Glasshouse

Spending two nights in a glasshouse with the forest as your nearest neighbor is an extraordinary experience that is guaranteed to fill your body with tranquility.

72h Glasshouse

Do you feel the need to relax and find peace again? Then you’ve come to the right place. Research shows that staying in a glasshouse, completely secluded from neighbors and traffic noise, contributes to lower blood pressure, reduced heart rate, which in turn reduces stress levels and increases creativity.


Adventures During Your Stay

During your unforgettable stay with us, you have the option to choose from a variety of exciting packages – ranging from adventurous hiking packages and cozy pizza nights to adrenaline-packed mountain biking experiences.

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