Sustainability is a continuous focus for us, and we work to consistently minimise our impact on the environment. The fact that we are located in a relatively out-of-the-way place and so travelling here by car is arguably the easiest approach is something that we cannot change and, of course, is an aspect that many people appreciate! But we ask that those who are travelling here by car try to car-pool. If you live a little nearer to us, cycling here is wonderful as the road winds along beautiful Lagmanshagasjön, which is an excellent wild-swimming spot.

Here are some of the ways in which we are working with sustainability:

  • We purchase green electricity
  • We install solar panels that provide us with green electricity
  • We use locally grown, indigenous primary produce as far as is possible
  • We bake with ancient grains and sourdough
  • We compost and sort our waste
  • We use water from our own well
  • We heat our buildings with modern, eco-friendly air and water pumps
  • We clean our accommodation using eco-friendly cleaning products
Hållbarhet Erikson Cottage