Glasshouse 72h

Do you feel the need to relax and find peace again? Then you’ve come to the right place.

This is the timeframe that the research study “72 hour cabin” is based on, which showed clear health benefits where participants experienced both relaxation and a significant decrease in heart rate. The 72-hour package also includes dinner served at the glasshouse, as well as access to a kayak/SUP to relax on the lake.

You check in at the farm and leave your daily life and stress behind. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and one of the bakery’s buns, then take the short drive to the glasshouse. The “Skogen” glasshouse is located right in the forest, surrounded by pines, while “Sjöblicken” is situated on a hill by the lake, just 150 meters from the beach. Our newest addition, “Sjön” is placed right at the lake’s edge. The glasshouses at Erikson Cottage are designed by architect Jeanna Berger, who also designed the original glasshouses for the “The 72 Hour Cabin” project in Dalsland.

Next to the glasshouses, there’s an outhouse (with a skylight!) and an outdoor kitchen in the same design.

In the glasshouse, you sleep comfortably in a large double bed with down comforters. If it gets chilly, there’s a gas heater for extra warmth. How you choose to spend your days is entirely up to you; one option is to sit in the doorway with a fantastic view and read a book. If you prefer more activity, this package includes free access to kayaks and SUPs.

If you’d like to enjoy a hot tub in the evening, this can be added; for more activities, see here.

Included in the package

  • Three nights accommodation in the unique glass house, bed linen, towels and bathrobe
  • Coffee on arrival in the farm bakery
  • Three breakfast baskets by the glass house
  • Three dinners at the glass house (drinks not included, can be ordered on site or bring your own)
  • Coffee, tea, salt, pepper, olive oil and drinking water in the outdoor kitchen
  • Final cleaning
  • Outdoor toilet by the glass house
  • Access to SUP/kayak
  • Access to a shower at the farm bakery
  • When booking, please state allergies/food preferences
  • Dogs are welcome

SEK 10,300 for two people (Skogen, Sjöblicken)

SEK 14,700 for two people (Sjön)

Check in 15:00 och Check out 11:00

Boka 72 timmars Glashus nedan


Which Glasshouse suits you?

Glasshouse Skogen

Here, you’ll stay nestled within the forest’s greenery. Surrounded by a mixed forest of pine and spruce, and with a secluded setting, you’ll live here “in the middle of the forest.” If you’re very quiet and attentive, there are good chances to get really close to animals and nature.

Glasshouse Sjöblicken

With its high, open location, you can enjoy the changing faces of nature on the waters of Lagmanshaga Lake. The sunset streaming directly into the glasshouse offers that extra relaxation before you go to bed.

Glasshouse Sjön

With an exclusive location just a stone’s throw from Lagmanshaga Lake, here you can enjoy your stay with immediate access to a swim. Furthermore, relish in your private, wood-fired sauna, and the relaxation is complete.

Research Shows:
72 Hours in a Glasshouse Can Lead to a 70% Reduction in Stress

Our glasshouses offer not just a unique accommodation experience in the midst of nature; they are your gateway to deep relaxation and rejuvenation. In September 2017, Sweden collaborated with leading researchers in the field of stress to study the health effects of living in the Swedish nature. According to research by VisitSweden, a short stay of just 72 hours in an environment like our glasshouses can lead to a reduction in stress by up to 70%. Feel free to watch the research film below and see how embracing a nature-close lifestyle can change your well-being.


Climate-smart holiday with minimal CO2 emissions

At Erikson Cottage, we are proud to offer a holiday experience with minimal environmental impact. With only 0.3 kg of CO2-equivalent per person per night – a figure that starkly contrasts with Sweden’s average of 6.8 kg – we set a new standard for sustainable tourism. Every detail in our offering, from accommodation to food, activities, and transportation, is carefully selected to protect our planet.


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24h Glasshouse

This package is perfect for those who want to “try out” staying in one of our glasshouses. A one-night stay will provide you with a pleasant and relaxing experience, and we are confident that you’ll be happy to return.

48h Glasshouse

Spending two nights in a glasshouse with the forest as your nearest neighbor is an extraordinary experience that is guaranteed to fill your body with tranquility.


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