Stay at Erikson Cottage

The Glass Cabins

Picture a cabin with walls and a roof made of glass, in which you are embraced by nature. Imagine the feeling of going to bed accompanied by the whispering of the wind, gazing up at the treetops. Imagine waking up to a new day at sunrise with breakfast out in the open.

Our Glass Cabins are a short walk from our farm. The Sjöblicken (‘lake view’) Glass Cabin overlooks the lake, and the Skogen (‘forest’) Glass Cabin has been gently placed among the trees in a secluded spot in the forest. The Glass Cabins are perfect if you feel that you want to relax, be close to nature, and enjoy peace and solitude.

Studies show that this type of accommodation lowers blood pressure and heart rate, decreases stress, and increases creativity. Our comfortable accommodation in the deep forests of southern Västergötland provide exactly this experience. Read more about the “72-hour cabin” study here.

Our Cottage

Close to the Farm Bakery lies our beautiful and romantic high-ceilinged cottage, which was built in the late-18th century and carefully converted in more recent times. It has a wood-burning stove, a bathroom with a shower, and a small kitchen with a fridge for those who want to cook their own meals. Cuddle up in the light of the stove and enjoy the peace and quiet offered by this cottage. Right next to our cottage are a greenhouse and a verdant garden in which you can take in the tranquillity.