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The Glasshouses open for the season on April 26, 2024.


Our Glasshouses & Accommodation Packages

At Erikson Cottage we offer two unique types of accommodation: our thoughtfully designed Glasshouses and our beloved Ryggåsstuga. Whether you’re looking for a starry night in a glass house or a cozy retreat in Ryggåsstugan, we promise a memorable experience close to nature.


A short walk from our farm, you’ll find our glasshouses. Glasshouse “Sjön”, with its private sauna, is located just a few dozen meters from the lake. Glasshouse “Sjöblicken” is positioned with a view over the lake, and Glasshouse “Skogen” is carefully nestled in the deep forest. The glasshouses are perfect for those who want to relax, get up close to nature, and stay undisturbed.

Stuga Erikson Cottage


Adjacent to the farm bakery is our beautiful and romantic Ryggåsstugan, built at the end of the 18th century and carefully renovated in recent years. Here, you’ll live comfortably with a wood-burning stove, shower, and toilet, as well as a small kitchen with a refrigerator for those who wish to prepare their own meals. Cozy up by the fire and enjoy the silence and tranquility this cottage offers. Directly connected to the Ryggåsstugan, you’ll find a greenhouse and a lush garden to enjoy.


Adventures During Your Stay

During your unforgettable stay with us, you have the option to choose from a variety of exciting packages – ranging from adventurous hiking packages and cozy pizza nights to adrenaline-packed mountain biking experiences.


The Benefits of Glasshouse Accommodation

Research has been conducted on the health benefits of living in glasshouses, free from the proximity of neighbors and urban noise. Discover how a life surrounded by silence and nature can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and enhance your creativity. Please watch the video showcasing the research from the 72-hour cabin project above.

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