Erikson Cottage

Erikson Cottage is a farm that has been owned by the family for four generations. Today, there are five of us living here: Elisabeth, Jörgen, Johan, Gustav, and Sally, our little Cockapoo. The high-ceilinged cottage on the farm was built in the late 18th century and carefully converted in 2004, and is currently listed as a building of cultural-historical significance. Elisabeth’s father and his seven siblings were born here. The cottage, which has been rented out since 2015, is beautifully furnished and consists of a spacious living area with an open fireplace, a small but functional kitchen, a homely bedroom with a double bed, and a bathroom with a shower.
We chose to convert our barn in 2019 in order to fulfil Elisabeth’s long-standing dream of working with food. Today, Elisabeth runs a bakery and restaurant in this homely and serene environment. Among other things, she bakes wonderful sourdough breads made from ancient grains and assists with the making of Neapolitan-style pizzas in our wood-fired pizza oven imported from Italy.
We also offer catering, restaurant and pizza making which can be booked with Elisabeth.
Erikson Cottage also arranges various activities involving anything from yoga to traditional Swedish cinnamon bun baking.

Familjen Josefsson Erikson Cottage

The boy in the picture is dad Hilding born 1918.

Elisabeth Jörgen Erikson Cottage

Who are we?

We are Elisabeth and Jörgen Erikson, and we run Erikson Cottage. We have lived together on this farm for 25 years, and Elisabeth grew up here. The farm has the Swedish forest as its closest neighbour and is surrounded by beautiful nature! In the spring, our garden overflows with lovely flowers, and in the summer the walk to the lake takes just ten minutes; here, we go for a swim and fish on summer evenings. In the autumn, the forest is filled with mushrooms, and so we like to spend many hours out in nature at that time of year as well. In the winter we like to make use of the nearby skiing tracks. As you may have realised, we love our farm and the surrounding nature.

We want to give more people the opportunity to enjoy this, and for this reason we began renting out the cottage on our farm in 2015 – which has been appreciated tremendously by guests from both nearby and far afield. Both Jörgen and Elisabeth have worked for international companies for many years, and in 2017, Elisabeth chose to realise her dream of setting up her own business on the farm. She studied artisanal food making at Eldrimner, Sweden’s national resource centre for artisanal food making in Östersund; in 2019, the business was set up and the barn was converted into a bakery and restaurant. What could be better than realising her dream – in her and her husband’s favourite spot, no less? Since then, she has baked sourdough bread, held pizza-making events, run the restaurant, and undertaken catering. Jörgen helps out in the business when needed; he keeps himself busy the rest of the time working as a business consultant.


Our cottage was built in the late 18th century, and carefully converted in 2004

Here, a rustic, old-world environment is combined with modern amenities.

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In 2019, we converted our barn

In our farm bakery, Elisabeth bakes, among other things, sourdough bread and buns.

Farm bakery