About Erikson Cottage

Erikson Cottage is a true gem located in the forests of Västergötland, less than an hour from Jönköping and Borås. The estate has been in the family for four generations.

The Ryggåsstugan, located on the estate, was built in the late 1700s, meticulously renovated in 2004, and is now classified as a building of historical significance. This is where Elisabeth’s & Katarina’s father was born, along with seven siblings.

In our barn, we chose to build a farm bakery with an accompanying restaurant kitchen in 2019.

Today, we operate a bakery and farm café in this cozy and tranquil environment. Here, we bake delightful sourdough bread made from heritage grains and Neapolitan-style sourdough pizzas in our wood-fired Italian pizza oven.

After experiencing the fantastic 72-hour cabin concept, we felt that it aligns perfectly with our natural surroundings, and starting from spring 2021, you can now experience this unique accommodation with us.

With a focus on life’s pleasures, we welcome you to our unique environment in southern Västergötland, where quality of life, relaxation, and culinary experiences take center stage.

Whether you want to drop by the farm bakery for a coffee, learn to bake Neapolitan-style sourdough pizzas, or spend the night in total harmony with nature, we dare promise you an energizing experience far beyond the ordinary.


In spring 2021, we built two glasshouses where you can stay surrounded by the greenery of the forest.


With its secluded location surrounded by a mixed forest of spruce and pine, you’re truly “in the heart of the forest’s greenery” here. If you’re really quiet and observant, there are good chances to get really close to animals and nature.


With its elevated, open position, you’ll enjoy the ever-changing beauty of Lagmanshagasjön’s waters. The sunset streaming directly into the glasshouse provides that extra relaxation before you retire for the night.


Glashuset Sjön – our newest addition for those who want to add an extra touch of luxury to their stay – here you have both a glasshouse and a private sauna with a lake view!


In 2019, we renovated our barn

Our barn is now home to our café and bakery, where Elisabeth skillfully bakes everything from sourdough bread to delicious pastries. It’s also where we host our popular courses. During the summer months, we keep the café open for anyone who wants to enjoy our homemade treats.

Bad vid sjö
Our friends

Our Friends and Activities around Erikson Cottage

Explore the community and activities around Erikson Cottage. Here, you can enjoy nature walks, experience local cultural events, and collaborate with our neighbors for authentic local experiences. With a blend of nature and culture, there’s always something interesting to do.