Farm bakery

In our barn there is currently a bakery as we chose to undertake a conversion in 2019. Here, Elisabeth bakes, among other things, sourdough bread made from ancient grains and Neapolitan-style sourdough pizza in our wood-fired pizza oven imported from Italy. This was Elisabeth’s ambition for many years: to be able to bake in a homely environment – on our own farm, no less – is a dream come true. In 2017, Elisabeth chose to take the step of realising her dreams after having worked for an international company for many years. She studied at Eldrimner, Sweden’s national resource centre for artisanal food making in Östersund, and today holds Eldrimner courses on sourdough baking so that others can learn the craft.

As we both love local and ecological produce, it was only natural that we would use this in our own farm bakery. To as great an extent as possible, this is supplied by local producers. The ancient grains that are used in our bakery include, among others, Ölandslantvete (‘ancient wheat from Öland’), emmer, and spelt from Västgötaslätten (‘Västgöta-plains’).

Our sourdough bread has become something of a specialty for the farm bakery, and we devote much time and love to making the sourdough, which takes 48 hours to mature before it can be baked into loaves. These, together with products such as our cinnamon buns and hamburger rolls, can at times be bought at the ICA store in Dalstorp; keep an eye on our social media so as not to miss any of these occasions. We also sell our baked goods through the REKO-ring food sourcing network around Ljungsarp when possible; some of those we try to participate in are REKO-ring UlricehamnREKO-ring Kind, and REKO-ring Gislaved.

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