Farm bakery

The sourdough bread produced in our Farm Bakery has become something of a signature for us. We devote much time and love to making the sourdough, which takes 48 hours to mature before it can be baked into loaves. Our primary produce for baking is sourced from local suppliers. All the flours we use are KRAV-labelled ancient grains from Västgötaslätten (the ‘Västgöta-plains’), such as Ölandslantvete (‘ancient wheat from Öland’), emmer, and spelt. If you would like to bake your own bread with this flour, it is for sale in the Farm Bakery.

Our different sourdough bread variants are on sale alongside various other delicacies, including cinnamon buns and hamburger bread, in both the bakery and select other retailers in our region. Keep an eye on social media to stay up to date on our current vendors.

Some favourites among the types of bread we offer are:
Walnut bread – a white Levain bread with roasted ecological walnuts
Krösa-Maja  – a juicy rye bread with lingonberries from the nearby forest

In addition to an emphasis on the bread – of course – tasting good, I focus on it being beautiful when it is served”, Elisabeth Erikson says. “Making small cuts in the surface prior to baking creates amazing patterns and motifs, which is a finishing touch that I think makes the bread taste even better”, Elisabeth concludes.

Opening hours

In the summer of 2023, we will open our summer café again
Week 23-26: Saturday-Sunday 11am-4pm
Week 27-31: Thursday-Sunday at 11am-4pm
Week 32-33: Saturday-Sunday 11am-4pm